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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  August 26, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning to you. it is thursday morning, august 26th. there is a live look at the jefferson memorial to get you started today. some places had a little bit of rain wror night. we'll find out whether we'll get any more today. let's go straight over to tucker for our first look. >> good morning. -- some places had a little bit of the rain overnight. >> going to be warm today with highs in the mid- to upper 80s
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but with a cold front coming through, it should be bright and sunny. not expecting much in the way of humidity. a good-looking forecast today, tomorrow, right through the weekend with a lot of sunshine. 71degrees at reagan national. 67 at ocean city. this is a very quiet weather forecast as we deal with the cold front. you see the green and white there, the cloud cover out to the west. that is the cold front. it will be moving through during the late morning hours. won't notice much other than a few clouds and the winds will shift. at times, it will be breezy with winds gusting to the north and west to 20. that will dry out the atmosphere. lots of sunshine, breezy at times. 87degrees for your afternoon high. that is warmer than yesterday with winds gusting up to about 0 miles per hour to the north and west. that is the direction we like this time of year -- winds
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gusting up to about 20 miles per hour to the north and west. >> thank you. the man accused in a string of stabbings across three states is being extradited to michigan this morning. elias abuelazam is going to be flown from atlanta to flint, michigan. he was arrested in a string of knife attacks that left five people dead and 1 other people injured. a bicyclist murdered in the district will be laid to rest today. there will be a funeral for 31- year-old neil godleski. he was killed while riding his bicycle home from work. last night, friends and concerned neighbors how old a vigil. coifs it was a deadly day in iraq. almost two dozen attacks around the country. it was a deadly day in iraq.
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iraq still doesn't have a government six months after the elections in march. tv commentator glen beck is expecting thousands of people at his rally at the lincoln memorial on saturday. meantime, a tea beater blogger is on the defensive after his visitors guide warned people to stay out of certain d.c. neighborhoods, neighborhoods that are largely african- american. tom fitzgerald spoke to the man at the center of the storm. >> reporter: conservative blogger bruce major said of his just trying to help. >> i just made a little blog telling them where it is safe to go. >> that has created big controversy with majors facing issues of racism. >> these people are insane. >> reporter: at issue was this guide to d.c. written for tea partiers who will be going to the rally saturday at the lincoln memorial t included restaurant and hotel tips. >> it had a list of metro stops i don't think you should get off on unless you are from d.c.
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>> reporter: majors wrote that d.c. has refugee every country and the tea parties who use metros should not use the grenieri or yellow line. comments mentioned ghetto neighborhoods and called d.c. more dangerous than baghdad. mangers denies any racial motive. >> in this climate where any time you mention race, it is very worrysome. >> reporter: but d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton tells people to stay away from the black neighborhoods. >> i were the tea party movement, i would be careful about what you say given the fact that there was documented proof that was at least at one time in the movement. >> we went about 10 blocks east of eastern market here at the potomac avenue station where folks will tell you that it is
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misguided. >> for them to even speak to is kind of low because they don't know the area. >> it is racist. >> reporter: but bruce majors stands by his blog. >> i think it is a deliberate political ploy by people who are desperate and don't have any other ammunition. stay with us. we have much more still ahead. we'll take another look at your weather. julie will be along with traffic and another look at your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. good morning. a live look over northwest right now. we are off to a pretty good start although we did get a little bit of rain overnight. i don't know how long the police apted temperatures are going to stick around because tucker has been saying we'll get a little bit of a warm-up. if he will step right on in
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here, we'll find out. -- i don't know how long the pleasant temperatures are going to stick around. we got a little shower yesterday afternoon. >> did you. we did have a band of rain that developed south and west of the city and rolled on through. a cold front off to the north and west today i think it will come through dry. we'll have highs in the mid- to upper 80s. it won't feel bad because humidity will be in check here. let's get to t we'll take a look at the max 2 system and we'll let you know that currently it is in the low 70s here in town. 60s generally outcited beltway. 71 in downtown washington. -- 60s generally outside the beltway. the frontal system continues to move. there is the rain showers that gurvir mentioned yesterday. you can see those out to the west. they faded away during the course of the evening hours. off to the north and west, here
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comes the cold front. it should come through here dry later today. as we get into the afternoon hours, the winds will pick up out of the north and west. no rain in the forecast today. no worries with any thunderstorm activity as this front doesn't pack a lot of punch as far as moisture. here is your forecast. without too much humidity, that won't feel too bad. 85 in warrenton. 88 in fredericksburg, we are in for a astring of he can extremely nice days although it will be warm at times. i will have more details on that and the weekend in just a minute. >> sounds good. thank you. i know we are expecting major delays over the weekend but hopefully, we can get through today without too many problems. >> no incidents reported right now. the beltway is running smoothly in each direction as you travel between annandale and merrifield. close in, 66 looks great. the lane here are open as you
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continue in towards the capital beltway. no problems reported off of the dulles toll road as you work your way inbound. traveling the beltway here at the american legion bridge, traffic flowing freely as you travel between bethesda and tysons corner. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. checking headlines, the man accused in a string of stephen strasburgings in a. cross three states is being extradited to michigan. elias abuelazam is being flown from atlanta to flint. he is the suspect in a string of knife and hammer attacks in leesburg, michigan and ohio that left five people dead and 13 injured. there will be a funeral today for a man shot and killed in the district while riding his bike home from work. it happened early sunday morning. 31-year-old neil godles ci. was found dead along sherman
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circle in northwest. the catholic university student originally from cop con was pedaling home from his job at phillips seafood restaurant. last night, friends and neighbors came together to hold a prayer vigil. police are looking for two people who shot a man inside a home yesterday morning. it was on cloister place. the victim, a 5-year-old man, is expected to recover. he was shot in the arm. in montgomery county, four firefighters are recovering from injuries after battling a house fire in rockville. officials say that fire started in the home undergoing a massive renovation. the interior collapsed on top of the firefighters. they were treated for neck and back injuries and right now, authorities still don't know how the fire started. a virginia community is still reeling over the death of a teenager who was electrocuted while doing yard work. investigators say 17-year-old gregory malsom was trimming a neighbor's tree in fairfax city on tuesday night when a limb
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touched a 19,000 vote power line. now, under virginia law, only trained professional linemen are allowed to work within 10 feet of a high voltage power line. he was about to begin his senior year at fairfax high school. the other big story we're following on this thursday morning, thousands are expected to attend a controversial rally at the lincoln memorial this weekend hosted by fox news and talk radio host glen beck. this morning, a tea party blogger is on the defensive after his visitors guide warned people to stay out of certain d.c. neighborhoods. stacy cohan is live along u street with more on our big story. >> reporter: good morning. i guess that would be this neighborhood. we are along the green and yellow line. i am right across the street from ben's chili bowl which is a very popular destination for people visiting our city. this is one of the places the blogger is telling tea party activists coming into town for
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this demonstration to avoid. we'll be seeing how people feel about the blogger. bruce majors' online advice to tea partiers clouted ad stria's to stay between shady grove and union station when traveling metro. if you are taking the blue around option line, don't go past eastern market and do not use the green or yellow line at all. the comments on the blog called d.c. more dangerous than baghdad. majors denies any racial motive. >> i just made a little blog for people telling them where it is safe to go. i think it is a deliberate political ploy by people who are desperate and don't have any other ammunition. >> reporter: that blog also did include restaurants and hotel tips for people visiting our city. i will tell you what folks here in the u street corridor have to say about those bloggers' travel advice option up later in fox morning news. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. this is being called the most serious breach of pentagon
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computer networks in history. how a spy with a flash drive managed to pull it off and what the pentagon isn't saying. we have all the details. the tiger woods divorce divorce saga. for the first time his ex-wife is caulking about their comairnlg. - - about their marriage. we are taking a break and coming right back.
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there is increasing violence in iraq. iraqi officials say insurgents are taking of the american troop withdrawal and the political vacuum in that country. there is still no central government. president obama will talk about the situation in iraq next tuesday when he addresses the country. a spy with a flash drive managed to pull off the most serious breach of pentagon computer networks in history. newly declassified documents say a spy put that flash drive
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in an american military laptop. the it contained malicious coding that spread through classified file and stole information. the incident happened in the middle east in 2008. tiger woods' ex-wife has broken her silence. the pro golfer is also now answering questions. fox's rick fullbalm has the story. >> reporter: two days after his differ was finalized, tiger woods sums up his feelings with one word. sadness. >> you don't of go into a marriage looking to get divorced. that is the thing. that is why it is sad. >> tiger's personal life exposed nine months ago after it was revealed that he was cheating on his wife with numerous women. the scandal left the image of the once golden boy of golf in ruins. this past week, it brought his marriage to an end. when asked if he had any
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regrets -- >> my actions certainly led to us this decision and i made a lot of errors in my life and that is something i'm going to have to live with. >> reporter: tiger's ex gave people magazine an exclusive interview about the split. she talks about the grief and anger she felt towards tiger and her desire to want to forgive him. woods would not say if he read the article but talked about elin getting her story out. >> i certainly understand that she is sad and i feel the same way. >> reporter: meanwhile, tiger is trying to get his became back on track. woods is in new jersey getting ready to play at the barclay's golf tournament but he admits that is not his primary focus right now. >> as far as my game and practicing, that has been secondary. we are trying to get our kids situated to our new living conditions and how that will be. that is where our focus is at right now. >> reporter: tiger has not been playing particularly well since
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returning to competitive golf four months ago n nine touchements he has played so far, he has not even come close to winning. and elin says she had no idea that tiger was cheating on her and that the marriage was real. she says she and tiger tried to work things out but she says you can't do that when there is no love and no trust. she says she didn't hit tiger the night of that car crash. coming up next we'll let you know where the high-tech speed cameras are watching you. congress gets involved in the massive egg recall launching an investigation. i'm jennifer davis in washington. the story coming up. we've got some changes on the way in the form of a cold front. we'll have cooler air, not today but tonight. i'll have all the details on the forecast and julie wright has a your on-time
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we'll find out about that in just a second as we get a live look over northwest. if your children like to watch yogabba-gabba, you have a chance to win tickets. the main character of the show
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is dj lance rock. one of his friends is a red cyclops. what is his name. you can go to our web site to answer. you do have to be at least 18 years old. five winners will be selected by random drawing this morning. >> i'm stumped. >> as. a. i don't know about all that yet. i'm told that we'll learn as the girl get older. >> we know all about dora these days. the weather should be pretty nice for the concert this weekend. >> it will be fabulous. the weekend forecast will be perfect. it will get hot around here but without the humidity, we can take 90s. >> don't tell me we're going into the 90s. >> yeah, we are. not today though. only upper 80s today. we're comfortable, temperatures in the 60s if you are outside the beltway. here in town, it is a little
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warmer, 71. you can see another nice start. 71 in annapolis. rest of the area in the 60s. 69 for you in quantico. 68 in fredericksburg. 64 out at manassas. our afternoon high temperatures yesterday were in the low to mid-80s. today, a little warmer with highs expected to be in the mid- to upper 80s. so maybe five or six degrees warmer. the wind will shift here and they will be out of the north and west and that is good news. we have a cold front on the way. that will bring cooler and drier air in here right in time to the weekend. there is the frontal system. there is our area of high pressure that will deliver days and days of nice weather around here. wait until you see the five-day forecast. as we get into the late morning hours, this frontal system will start to move on through. i don't think we'll see any shower activity. what you will notice as the front comes on through, the winds will shift. it will shift out of the north and west. it will be a little breezy at times this afternoon. we'll have winds gusting to about 20 to 25 miles per hour. behind it, a beautiful eke.
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we should have overnight lows, even here in washington. that will set us up for a great couple of days. let's get down to the tropics. we've got action. hurricane danielle getting an eye. further off to the east, can't quite pick it up here, it is behind me. let me get out of the your way if you are in the wide screen, that is tropical storm earl. got to watch earl. that is likely to become a hurricane. danielle will stay east of bermuda and head up to the central atlantic. our forecast, mostly sunny skies. breezy out there this afternoon, 87. the five-day forecast, look at this next couple of days. gorgeous, 82 tomorrow. a lot of sunshine tomorrow night, overnight low well into the 50s to about 60 in town. saturday and sunday, bright sunshine. i mentioned the 90s. sunday and monday, we are back into the 90s with highs in the
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low to mid-90s. no humidity for the next five days. that's it for the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. >> traveling in montgomery county this morning along westbound 410, the east-west highway at new hampshire avenue. that is where we had reports of the water main break. keep that in mind if you are traveling westbound. top stretch of the beltway behaving nicely, college park around 270. traffic volume right now out of woodbridge still flowing freely. traveling south on 270, lanes are open headed out towards the lane divide. coming northbound, that is where they had insofar night construction set up between falls road and 28. that was tying up most the local lanes but the main line remains open. we have a traffic alert in montgomery county where two new speed cameras are now up? silver spring. those cameras are on new hampshire avenue near white oak middle school. they are part of an effort to keep children safe as they head
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back to school on monday. if you are traveling on labor day weekend, leave early and expect a lot of traffic. aaa expect as a 10% increase in the number of people traveling for the holiday. that is more than 4 million people going at least 50 miles from home. 91% of those travelers are expected to make their journies by car. aaa says the figures arrest an indication that people want to travel but they are still watching their budget. there is a mystery unfolding in falls church. police say somebody has been going around town stealing signs that warn driver to slow down or stop for pedestrians and cyclists near the w and od trail. what may have started out as just a prank could have serious consequences. wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: the w & od trail is a popular area where cars, cyclists and pedestrians meet on a daily basis. to make sure everybody safely shares the road, the city of falls church put up the new yield to pedestrians at seven intersections at the trail crossing. >> i think it's great idea.
4:51 am
i know the city of falls church is looking for pedestrian and bike improvements. >> the purpose of the signs are to heighten the pedestrian and bicycle safety because the trail cuts right through the middle of falls church. >> reporter: the city leaders installed the sign the evening of august 5th. to their surprise, it is very next day, six of the seven signs had been stolen. >> i couldn't believe it. as somebody who uses the trail every day, i loved having them here because the intersections can cause a lot of problems. >> reporter: after six of the signs were stolen from the intersections, city leaders decided to take the final sign and move it for-to-an area of downtown falls church but within a matter of hours, that sign was stolen too. >> did they just steal them just to steal them? that seems sort of stupid but isn't most stuff stupid? >> reporter: the signs are valued at more than $2,500. the city does plan to replace some of the signs. they are deciding what kind of
4:52 am
signs and exactly where they should put them. >> i wouldn't suggest replacing them unless they are going to put police officers out there to make sure no one el steals them again. >> that was wisdom mart unreporting. stealing the sign is a felony. whoever is responsible could face up to 20 years behind bars. in the fight to d.c. mayor, it's setback for the fenty cam. the board overseeing elections is rejecting a request to let independents vote in the primary election. mayor fenty's campaign had asked the board to consider letting them vote in the primary. his supporters argue that a new election law is not clear on whether independent votes can cast their ballots. we have a fox 5 consumer alert this morning. there is more bad news for the housing market. except for the d.c. area. new home sales dropped more than 12% last month. that is the slowest pace on record. the good news is the price of homes in our area is up.
4:53 am
d.c. had the fourth strongette gain among the country's 20 largest markest. the economy may still be any slump but more americans are getting better about paying down their debt. new data shows americans credit cards than at any time in the last eight years. google has unveiled a plan that allows g mail users to make calls from microphone equipped computer. that means can you pull the plug on your land line. calls to canada and the united states will be free at least until the end of the year. and now to a fox 5 health alert. a new study shows aspirin may help keep blood pressure in check during pregnancy. british researchers say women at risk for high blood pressure should take a low dose aspirin from the 12th week of pregnancy until the child's birth. high blood pressure during pregnancy is livinged to low
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birth weight abdulmutallabies. -- linked to low birth weight babies. the massive egg recall has now reached 23 states. as federal investigators continue to search for the causes of the salmonella contamination, congress has launched an investigation into how this happened and there is growing debate about why eye food safety bill has been stalled on capitol hill. we get the latest from jennifer davis. >> reporter: contaminated eggs appear to be involved in some if not all of the ten salmonally cases the houston health department is currently investigating. >> the people report eating eggs and that is consistent with the national outbreak. >> reporter: those affected have the same bacteria that has made more than 100 people sick nationwide. the food and drug administering is on the ground in iowa investigating and the two farms at the heart of the outbreak say to keep customers safe, they are fully cooperate with the government's investigation by undertaking the voluntary recall of more than half a billion eggs.
4:55 am
>> we need to start looking at how we produce food and can we produce food more safely, what safety guards can we put into place? >> reporter: some in congress are asking the same questions. two democratic lawmakers have sent letters to the farm's owners asking for information and documents related to the safety practices of egg production, storage and transportation. the fda and others are calling on the senate to pass a food safety bill that the house passed in july of 2009. it would give the fda more inspectors and more authority to check farms, trace food and order recalls. >> every summer, we have the same angst over a salmonella outbreak. it takes us months to get to the culprit. >> reporter: if light of the massive egg recall, a growing number of consumer ad rats and playings on both sides of the aisle are calling on senate majority leader harry reid to introduce the food safety bill when the senate return its recess. on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox 5 news. >> thank you. there was more bad news delivered to those trapped mines in chile.
4:56 am
how did they react when they found out it could be months before they are rescued and what are they doing to pass the time. we'll find out. up next though. >> headaches or whatever and that is why i couldn't go out and practice. i think it was a little bit more than that. >> remember that? well, albert haynesworth isn't the only redskin who likes using the air quotes. coming up next, a little comic relief at redskins practice. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ sighs ] morning! mor-ning?
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donovan mcnabb, even with his bad ankle, may be able to play a week from today. but thehood coach is not quite so optimistic. he says the chances are slim. he watched practice again yesterday. he says the ankle fields a lot better than it did when he came out of saturday's game against
4:59 am
baltimore. he is still preparing as if he were the starter. can you see him doing air quotes while they're stretching. you might remember a frustrated albert haynesworth use the same air quotes on saturday. >> i got told a got headaches or whatever so and that is why i couldn't go out and practice. i mean i think it was a little bit more than that. >> so much for the air quotes from albert. >> a strain. no, you know it is a gradual process. rehabbing, getting the swelling out and things of that nature. i want to make sure i do the right thing to get myself healthy. >> okay. hopefully, that means that he really is hurt. but he willing getting better. much more still ahead. your weather, traffic and all


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